ICTA Monde Loupe


The homogeneous quality of ICTA's service provision is the result of a specific organisational structure which combines:  

  • centralized project management whatever the identity and the number of countries involved 

  • a set of in-company procedures that are imposed upon all the operational staff involved in clinical development 

  • a centralized i-SIT IT platform geared for a continuous adaptive control of on the field activities in a « Risk-Based Management» mode

  • a network of privileged partner collaborators who provide local clinical R&D counselling and an experience in local regulatory affairs, monitoring, and reporting for the management of Phases I to IV studies, in compliance with ICTA quality standards .

This coverage includes Great Britain, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Turkey and Israel.


As regards the design process and the biostatistical and biomathematical harnessing of clinical studies and development plans, ICTA's "design" department works in synergy and on a private collaboration mode with a panel of experts and academics well-renowned on the international scale and mostly settled in Great-Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, in the United States and in Canada. 

This network strengthens ICTA's designing expertise in modern clinical development.