Dr Hantzperg

We celebrated a short time ago the 32nd anniversary of ICTA’s presence in clinical R&D. What a long way we have come since our initial regional implantation and the international dimension which is ours today!

This sustainability, rare in the profession and acquired in a changing environment both unstable and competitive, confers to ICTA the authority of undeniable skill in clinical R&D. 

Reliability rating

This 32-year sustainability period stems from the reliability rating granted to ICTA by its sponsors and lies on the implementation of universal principles: 

A medical and scientific top of the range support 

A management potential able to lift the service provision to the level of the challenge addressed 

Project teams that testify of an "Esprit de Corps" praised by the Anglo-Saxons 

Sound finance statements that reflect very concretely the quality of the management 

This last point is a major one since it is really important that a Contract Research Organisation should be able to justify a financial visibility that would be up to the challenge addressed. 

The leadership

Today, ICTA exercises a well-seasoned leadership both in clinical R&D of phases I, II, III, whether “frequentist” or “adaptive ", namely Bayesian.

ICTA is one of the first and very rare European CROs able to claim real-life and successful clinical experience, which conveys an image of know-how and expertise in designing which is unique in modern clinical R&D. 

The Full-service

Whether they are international or just domestic clinical studies ICTA’s full-service is twofold:

A transversal service that includes the whole of Clinical R&D, studies of phase I to IV, Pharmaco-epidemiological and economic studies, the management of Early and Compassionnate Accesses and pharmacovigilance which are part and parcel of the Risk Management Plan.

A vertical aspect that includes consulting in development and in methodology, risk analysis, management and monitoring, data management, biostatistics and medical writing for submission.

The European expertise 

ICTA has developed most of its clinical studies in Europe and in the United Kingdom and guided the set-up “overseas” of clinical development plans.

Indeed, Europe makes it possible to blend proximity and cultural diversity, which is a necessary requirement for the achievement of pre-Marketing Authorization clinical development phases, whatever the mode.

All the more as the clinical studies conducted in Europe is a very effective gateway to obtaining IND in the United States.

Thus, the land of Bayes, Gauss, Laplace, Fisher and Pearson, the European fathers of clinical modern methodologies still has a bright future ahead.

We wish you a good clinical R&D in the meantime and hope that you will be interested in our European full-service.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Dr Michel Hantzperg