HASARD ET VÉRITÉ – Des présocratiques aux probabilités fréquentistes ou bayésiennes


Available as from 14 September 2023, the book “Hasard et vérité – Des présocratiques aux probabilités fréquentistes ou bayésiennes” by Dr. Michel HANTZPERG, President of ICTA, co-authored with Gérard DURU, Doctor of Science (Mathematics), Director of Research at the CNRS.

Proposing a new drug to doctors is a real challenge, and one that presents obvious risks for the developer, the regulatory authorities, the prescribing doctor and patients, as shown by the latest lawsuits. (Mediator, Levothyrox).
This book provides an understanding of the issues involved in bringing a drug to market, and the questions that both the laboratory’s Research and Development manager and the regulatory authorities responsible for protecting patients must address in order to eliminate or mitigate the risks for each party.
It also reveals the methodologies used to achieve this. These fall within the field of decision-making under uncertainty, or how to make decisions in situations where information is imperfect and incomplete. The fundamental concepts in this field depend on the ideas born of the major philosophical movements discussed in this book, including scepticism, empiricism, Cartesianism, rationalism, pragmatism, positivism and falsifiabilism. These currents are enriched by the interpretative convictions of the Bayesian and frequentist probabilities presented here, which are different and complementary approaches to the measurement of enigmatic randomness.

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