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The ICTA team, a committed pool of qualified multidisciplinary experts
to power a 360-degree view of your project

None of us knows that which we know all together


President of ICTA  Group, Aline HANTZPERG, PharmD, has over 35 years experience in clinical research and RWE projects. After graduating from the University of Pharmacy in Dijon, she started her career in clinical research as a CRA, then Project Manager and Clinical Operations Manager. Her in-depth knowledge of clinical R&D and her leadership skills made her the natural choice to become General Manager and then CEO of ICTA.

Her long history and hands-on experience in clinical development has led her to assist many clients (TOP 20 Pharma, Mid-sized pharma, biotech and medtech companies) in the design and execution of their projects across a large variety of indications. Over the past 10 years, Aline has focused on structuring and developing ICTA to deliver more innovative and integrated solutions that meet patient needs and drive customer success.



Carole has 27 years of experience in clinical research. She holds a postgraduate degree in physiology and pathophysiology of the respiratory system from the Faculty of Medicine in Créteil, France. Carole started as a clinical research associate and then held the position of project manager for French and international clinical studies.

For over 10 years, Carole has been in charge of clinical operations and has been key in the development and structuring of the department. Actively involved in team management, she contributes to the growth of ICTA. Five years ago, Carole was appointed Deputy Managing Director and assists the President in the governance of the ICTA.

remi gauchoux


Head of business operations at ICTA, Remi Gauchoux, PharmD, has over 20 years experience in clinical research and RWE projects. He graduated as a Pharm D at the University of Lyon.

Prior to joining ICTA in 2022, Remi Gauchoux was in charge of business development for 3 other companies, focusing mainly on building capabilities in RWE and Non interventional studies.

Based on his experience as a project manager, project director and head of operational team, he supports ICTA to define the best scope of expertise and/or services for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech companies.


Christophe CLEMENT

Christophe Clément has been Business Development Director since January 2020.

Christophe holds a Master II in Physiology and Physiopathology of the Respiratory System from the University of Paris-XII. He then obtained a university degree in Applied Statistics for Medicine from CESAM and an International Project Management Certification, level D, from IPMA.

He joined ICTA in 1995 where he worked his way up through the ranks, first as a clinical research associate and then as a project manager, also in charge of coordinating oncology and international projects, before becoming Head of International Clinical Operations.

Since January 2020, he has been Director of Business Development and focuses his activities on counselling and supporting Biotech and Medtech companies.

icta team


Head of the Medical and Scientific Affairs department at ICTA since 2019, Sandra Wiederkehr has over 15 years of experience in clinical research and RWE/RWD projects, including a strong background in Clinical Outcome Assessments (COA) and Biostatistics. She has a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology from Laval University (Québec, Canada), further completed by a Master’s degree in Public Health and Epidemiology from ISPED (Bordeaux, France).

Sandra initially started her carrier as a neuropsychologist and hospital CRA, and evolved as a clinical studies Coordinator and Project Director in a large CRO specialised in RWE and COA development. She joined ICTA in 2017 as Head of Epidemiological Development before heading the department. Based on her experience and background in RWE/RWD methodology, she provides Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech companies with her expertise in defining the best design and study methods, and in valuing Sponsor’s clinical studies data.



Véronique CHAPALAIN joined ICTA at the end of 2018 as Head of Statistics and has been holding the position of Head of Biometry since 2021.  Holder of a Master’s degree in statistics, Véronique started her career in 1996, successively holding the positions of biostatistician, biostatistics Manager and biometry manager in French CROs, working at both local and international levels. She contributed to the development of biometry units in Madagascar (for Quanta Médical), Lebanon and Canada (for Keyrus Biopharma).

She decided to support ICTA PM in the development of its biometry department and to make use of her methodological expertise by participating in the conception of studies, and more specifically, by identifying the most suitable designs.



Nadine has an academic background in experimental pharmacology and pharmacokinetics (Claude Bernard University – Lyon).

She joined ICTA in 1987 short after it was created. She first held the position of Project Manager and managed pharmacokinetic studies for 2 years and then clinical studies for 10 years. Then her responsibilities extended to cross-functional coordination and management of teams.

For the past 15 years, she has been in charge of the Early Access and Compassionate Use Programs department. Her reponsibilities include responding to calls for tenders, counselling and supporting pharma companies, drafting PUT-RDs, training and supervising teams, adapting procedures and tools, validating and releasing periodic reports.


Françoise BULLIER

Head of Pharmacovigilance and Materiovigilance at ICTA, Françoise Bullier, PharmD, has over 30 years experience in clinical research. She graduated as a Pharm D at the University of Dijon.

After a 20-year experience as a project manager in early phase clinical trials across various therapeutic areas, with a particular focus on oncology, she decided to specialize in the management of vigilance of clinical trials/investigations, and obtained in 2013, the necessary qualifications from the European Medicines Agency in London.

With her team, she assists biotech and medtech companies in managing the vigilance cases of their clinical projects and their expedited reporting to the regulatory authorities of the concerned countries.