In order to maximize the collection and the quality of the data along with the monitoring of the patients included in your clinical studies, ICTA makes available clinical study Assistants (CSA) or hospital CRAs whose mission is to support the investigators in terms of methodological, administrative and technical needs. 

Our CSTs and hospital CRAs, ICTA’s employees, have a good scientific and medical background and are perfectly trained to clinical studies (GCP).

Whatever the type of project to manage, their deep knowledge of the hospital field, their experience in monitoring and logistics of clinical studies and their proximity with the investigational centres provide them with all the necessary assets to achieve their mission successfully. 


Their activities: 

Follow-up of patient and schedule management 

Monitoring support

Support for study logistical aspects

Support for CRF / e-CRF completion 

Administrative support


ICTA’s Clinical Study Technicians’ ability to assist investigators during the set-up and the follow-up of your projects, and to coordinate the activity of your centres guarantee the inclusion potential and the quality of the data collected.